3D Architectural Visualization

from Zero to Perfection

Start -  05 February 2018

Still wondering how others are doing great images? Learn 3D visualization in 8 days in virtual group with others.

- Modeling, texturing and rendering.

- Learning composition and workflow.

- Plenty of tricks and tools.

- More then 30 scripts.

- Learn Vray

- Compositing materials

- Learning Light

- Learning Post production and Photoshop

- Lot of resources

- Presets and scenes


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Each monday and thursday

live streaming + video records

Course shedule

In the second week we are jumping into Vray and its assets. We are studying light and Vray materials compositing it's settings and how to optimize the render time.

Week 1

Week 2

In first week of our study you will get familiar with 3DsMax and best modeling techniques you really need. Also you will get lot of scripts and plugins and will learn different modeling techniques.

4 Week Training Program

In the thirth week you are learning material compositing with Vray. You will get know how to use different settings for exterior and interior rendering. Render presets and optimization is also on schedule.

Week 4

Week 3

In our last week we are working into Photoshop and studying how to work with masks and how to use render elements in our post production work out.

Kalin is an architect and 3D artist with more then 16 years of experience. Within series of workshops he is sharing experience of more then 700 successfull projects. The work of his team you can check below ath link.

Your lector

  • Modeling and crucial techniques 
  • Working with modificators
  • Building and environment 
  • Scripts and plugins 
  • Models importing



  • Vray settings
  • Vray materials
  • Adjustments and optimization
  • Render elements
  • Using presets
  • Vray lights
  • Working with HDRI
  • Vray camera
  • Color balance and saturation
  • Using libraries
  • Working with Photoshop
  • Using masks
  • Blending
  • Matte painting
  • Color corrections
  • Using brushes

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Live participation

How does our teaching process work!

Best way to study online

We are streaming real time and you are learning within a group with other members. You will get personal mentorship and lot of resources. Also you will be able to discuss live with other members and will join our closed group. 

Our teaching approach allows you not only to watch but also to participate and give questions  during our sessions. Using latest technology in online teaching you can share your progress with others and to grow within a group.

Virtual classroom

Yana, Enterpreneur

"I am really satisfied with the course I have been part of. I have achieved lot of knowledge I would never reach alone. Within the group you can learn faster and also you are getting personal attention on your own progress by Kalin."

Alexandra, Ingeneur

Alexander, Interior designer

What Other People Says

"I have been taken a part of lot of courses but what I found in 3DSCHOOLONLINE is competely different by its professioanl attitude and personal approach. Everyone can get support by the lector and the teaching includes the whole process of design and rendering to the final presentation and post production."

"I highly recoomend all courses of 3DSCHOOLONLINE! The combination of shared skills and energized atmosphere during the lectures are extremely motivating!"

- How Vray works

- General settings and theory

- DMC sampling and filter

- Global illumination and Light cache

- Optimization and presets

- Bucket and progressive render

- GPU vs CPU

- Frame buffer

- Quality vs Speed

- Distrubution rendering

- PBR theory and scipts

- IOR abd BRDF of materials


Postproduction and Photoshop

What you will learn within 16 hours of lessons


Essential modeling techniques

- Main construction

- Windows and doors

- Importing models

- Roofs and details

- Modification

- Streets modeling

- Terrain modelling

- Environment and details

- Scale and proportion

- Using render elements

- Working with masks

- Folder structure

- Blending

- Matte painting principles

- Cutting objects

- Filters and mood

- Plugins and tools

- Adjustments

- Working with brushes

- Outputs and formats


Building and enviroment


Vray assets 


Tools and scripts

- 3DsMax Interface and customization

- Preliminary settings

- Different modeling techniques

- Modificators and geometry

- Working with DWG and images

- Importing other formats

- Script installations and toolbar

- Folder structure and lybraries

- Scheduling work 

- Inspiration and resources

- Soulburn scripts

- Pixamon family

- Forest pack

- Railclone

- Megascans

- Objects and textures

- Copy & Paste of objects

- Project manager 

- Migrating scenes

- Resource collector

- Library management

- Vray materials fundamentals

- Vray Light

- Vray Camera

- Render elements

- Interior & Exterior rendering

- Clay images

- Interior & Exterior lighting

- Secret ingredients

- Light selections and exposure

- Scripts and tools

- Workflow


Vray theory


How Lessons Happen

At the next lesson we are discussing problems and new tasks. Also we are following our schedule and gaining new skills and tips.

You are attenging the course online and watching our live stream inside virtual group. Within 2 hours each lesson contents theory and practical techniques.

The day after you receive record of the lesson with all resources included per email. Also you receive homework with instruction about.




Between the lessons you are working on a project and get access to our closed working group. Meantime you can ask for help and support.

Our free tutorials you can find on our Youtube Channel

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